Removal Proceedings


If you get caught in the United States unlawfully, or if you do something that could make you lose your permanent resident card, you will end up in removal proceedings. Immigration Courts exist all over the United States and Immigration Judges decide first whether an immigrant should be in custody, and second whether they should stay in the United States. This section contains samples that will allow you to make procedural motions while you buy time to get an attorney. In short – in removal proceedings, you must have representation!

Nationwide Courthouses





Las Vegas

Los Angeles

Immigration Court Papers

These are documents that you may receive if you are or have been in removal proceedings. Make sure to closely review these to see what they mean to you and which ones apply to your case.


Sample Court Motions

These are documents that Attorney McLean frequently uses to ask the Immigration Judge to do certain things. Be very cautious in using these documents without legal representation – they can cause you to win or lose your case!