Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Sometimes one case involves multiple individuals applying for similar immigration benefits all at once. An example would be a family-based immigration case involving a spouse and several children. Or, for another example, I may offer a discount in an employment-based immigration case that involves multiple workers from the same country applying to work for the same employer.

Not really. My father is a worker’s compensation attorney in Ocala, Florida. We do not work together even though we have a very strong family bond. Visit his website at:

I consult with other attorneys occasionally for advice on my criminal defense and domestic relations cases.

Absolutely not. I work for immigrants, families, and employers. I defend individuals against attacks FROM the government.

Notarios and other individuals who are not lawyers often promise to get your permanent resident status or naturalization for an extremely low fee. Only a truly licensed and barred attorney has the knowledge and skill to properly apply your immigration benefits. Some of the worst and most consequential mistakes I have ever seen on otherwise easy cases come from notarios.

Yes. Anyone can pay your fees. You may qualify for a waiver of the government fees if you cannot afford to pay them.

Cash, check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express), debit card, money order, cashiers check, wire transfer, money transfer apps (like Venmo, Zelle, Quickpay, or Paypal). No cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Litecoin).

Yes – but you create your own schedule to pay. Generally, I open a case for a $500 deposit. I start the paperwork, assign an individual number, and open a file for your case with that first payment. Then, I require the full remaining balance of the case fee when I file your application. Sometimes, my clients and I agree to monthly payments. I do not require my clients to sign payment contracts.

I work on flat fees. On some of my cases I charge hourly (mostly criminal, family, or other non-immigration cases), but very rarely.

Every case has a different price.

An in-person consultation costs $100 if you only need advice and do not hire me for your case. About 20% of all people who come in my office only need a consultation.

The most basic cases cost $500 to $1,000. These are about 30% of the cases in my office.

More technical cases cost between $2,500 and $7,500. These account for about 40% of my cases.

Very large cases involving litigation or appeals can cost up to $25,000. These cases make up about 10% of my entire case load.

Your price will depend on the individual circumstances of your case.

YES! I include attorney and government fees into one total fee that you pay to me directly. I then pay the government fees for you as part of submitting your application.

YES! I am very proud of being an attorney who openly gives advice over the phone. Call me now if you need one or two questions answered about any legal matter you have. If I am available I will happily give you as much advice as possible in the limited time I have. I will answer you directly over the phone if you have a question I confidently know the answer to. But, if I need to do research, I will request that you schedule an in-person consultation with me so I can dedicate individualized time to your issue.