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In a time when finding a good immigration lawyer is very difficult, I can represent you personally and effectively. I would like you to search very hard for the right immigration lawyer, but I know that after you meet me, the right choice for your attorney will become clear. Please explore the rest of my website to find out more, and call my office soon to schedule a consultation.

Consular Processing

Apply for a visa from a consulate abroad to come to the United States temporarily or permanently.


Apply for to naturalize as a citzen to take the official oath of allegiance and apply for a United States passport

Humanitarian Based Immigration

Special programs like asylum, parole in place, imigrant juvenile status, and U and T Visas.


Apply for permanent resident status while physically in the United States.

Removal Proceedings

Fight for immigration benefits in Immigration Court or appeal a removal order to extend your stay in the United States

Employment Based Immigration

Bring a temporary or permanent worker to the United States or show extraordinary ability to gain permanent resident status

We also offer legal services for:

Criminal Defense

Family Relations

Drivers Licenses

Background Checks