Hall of Fame

Experience these short stories about the most exciting and dramatic wins in the history of Attorney McLean’s office.

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Hall of Fame Profile: Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a truck driver living in Cicero, Illinois.

He was a permanent resident for many years. Recently, when he returned from a trip to Mexico, border officers almost did not let him enter the United States because his green card was so old. They told him: “either renew the card or naturalize before your next trip.” He chose the more aggressive option and eventually won United States citizenship after a long battle

Hall of Fame Profile: Belem

Belem is a farmer living in Central Illinois.

He had no lawful immigration status when he started his case. However, he qualified for a waiver of his unlawful presence as the spouse of a United States citizen.

After winning the waiver and bravely traveling to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for his immigrant visa appointment, Belem naturalized as a citizen in Springfield, Illinois.

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Hall of Fame Profile: Eduardo

Eduardo is a DJ and event coordinator living in Chicago, Illinois.

One night, Eduardo became the victim of an armed robbery. His attacker assaulted him with a gun and took all his money and valuables. The Chicago Police Department took his report but never identified a suspect in the case. Eduardo later realized that he qualified for an immigration benefit – the U visa – as an undocumented victim of violent crime. Now, Eduardo is living and working lawfully in the United States with immigration status and is on the path to United States citizenship. Call Eduardo for your next wedding or birthday party.