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Attorney background

I am William Gaston McLean III, an immigration attorney from Ocala, Florida. I have fought for the rights of immigrants all over the world ever since I entered law school, and I have been an immigration attorney ever since I received my license to practice law. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, and have several years of experience practicing immigration law. I dedicate myself to every case, handling each one personally. I believe this is the only way to effectively represent my clients.



I attended New York University where I majored in Journalism and minored in Spanish. It was during my time when I studied in Madrid, Spain when I started becoming interested in helping people immigrate to the United States. I entered law school at Florida Coastal School of Law upon completing my undergraduate studies. I began representing immigrants during my second year of law school as an intern in the Immigrant Rights Clinic. Thanks to Professor Ericka Curran, an immigration attorney and clinical professor in the Immigrant Rights Clinic, I learned the fundamentals of immigration law, and even won cases.


After law school, I was hired by the Law Office of M.A. Ramos and Associates in Laredo, Texas. During my time in Texas, I represented many immigrants in their applications for green cards, citizenship, and other immigration benefits. While in Laredo, a city with limits that come right up to the U.S./Mexico border, I learned how to manage a large caseload and I improved my Spanish language skills.

Soon, the Solis Law Firm offered me a position with their firm in Chicago, Illinois. While it was difficult for me to leave my work family in Texas, being in Chicago offered me new opportunities. During my time with the Solis Law Firm, I represented hundreds of immigrants in their applications for permanent residence and citizenship. I also represented many immigrants in removal proceedings at the Immigration Court in Chicago.

Finally, practicing immigration law became second nature to me. At that point, I knew it was time for me to open my own law office. The Law Office of William G. McLean III officially opened September 1, 2012. I dedicate myself to my clients, offering highly personalized representation. I pride myself on personally taking and returning phone calls, e-mails, and messages. My main area of work is applications for visas, residence, and citizenship. I also defend immigrants already in the United States against removal or deportation.


The Law Office of William G. McLean III, P.C.

I have successfully completed hundreds of applications for permanent resident status, citizenship, and visas over the years through my own office. With great pride, I say I have won many bonds for detained immigrants to reunite them with their families across the country. I have defended many of those same immigrants in removal proceedings and protected them against prosecution by the federal government. Additionally, I am engaged in high-level litigation in federal district court and the Board of Immigration Appeals. Finally, I still find time to take on criminal defense and family law cases that have collateral immigration issues for my clients.

Personal Life

I owe my success to my wife, Cindy Sanchez. Opening my own office was the riskiest thing I ever did in my life, but Cindy made it feel so much more natural. My wife is the daughter of immigrants from Mexico who speak Spanish almost exclusively in the home. My Spanish ability is a direct result of these last few years with my new family.


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It is my honor to do all of my own work, including answering all of my own phone calls and emails on my own. I also handle all writings and evidentiary submissions individually. I do not have a secretary or paralegal, so I guarantee you will always communicate with me directly.